Ah that explains it….


A couple of nights ago, during my dream time, amongst the usual strange events and situations, I dreamt of a work colleague. He arrived at work, his eyes red and streaming. In his hands he held a bunch of flowers. I asked him what was wrong and he told me that his hay fever was playing up.
The next day at work I spoke to him about it. He told me that he actually did have hayfever. 
Last night I dreamt of a different colleague. He was selling Action Man Army Tanks from the 1970s for £25. I was excited in my dream as I had owned one in my youth. The dream morphed into me being on holiday and became jagged and random.
Today I spoke to this colleague. He didn’t know what I meant (he is young and hippetty hop) so I went on ebay to show him a picture of one.
The first link I clicked, had the same one I had owned. It was on sale for £24.99!!!!!!


I am kinda psychic.

I wonder what I will dream of tonight??


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