Of course, us Scots would have used the word “Arse” instead….

I love conspiracies, I really do. i understand if you don’t, or if you think I am mad for loving them.
That’s ok, everyone likes and believes different things.
Hell I am still surprised that anyone reads these posts.
Surprised but very flattered and grateful.

This is a clever piece of work though. THEY LIVE by John Carpenter is one of my favourite films. The idea that we are all being lied to by the media, politics and advertising just resonates with me. I do not buy newspapers any more and rarely read them. Far too much of their content is editorial, what they think rather than just giving their readers the news and allowing them to make up their own mind.
TV news has gone the same way too. Far too often they will have stories about celebrities, television programmes and movies, consigning what is actually happening in the world, to sound bites here and there.
OK I am generalising but I do wish that TV news was actually about just news and leave the entertainment news to the specialist programmes but that is just me.

I may have strayed off topic a bit here!!

Have a watch and if you do not know the film, it would be interesting to see which bits you think are the real news and which is the film.

You may be suprised


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