Where were you hiding when the storm broke?

“This is where it all ends”

That was the last thing he said to me before the world spun round and everything faded to black.  When I awoke, I was bound tightly by the wrists and my legs were battered and bruised.  

I’ve had worse.

Taking stock of my surroundings, I saw I was in some kind of basement.  My hands were tied to a rusted pipe.  Thanking the Artists Two that the bad guys were still as stupid as they ever were, I was free within seconds.

“This is where it all ends”

His words came back to me like a distant echo.  Was there something else?  I struggled to my feet, my brain searching through blank sectors for an answer that never came.

I could walk, just.  Hobbling to the stairs that led out of this brightly lit basement, I decided to not be a hero anymore and sat down.

I had been on patrol in the highlands of my own reality.  I say patrol but in reality I was watching the deer graze and enjoying the peace.  My wrist comm had buzzed a few times before I answered.

“There you are dear boy.  Be a good chap and lock onto my signal.  I could do with some help”.  The colonels voice sounded its usual calm self.  Hard to believe that we came from the same city such was the difference in our accents.

Sighing I had pushed the relevant buttons and with a almost silent goodbye, I stepped to the left.

There he was, all suited up in his battledress.  Black armour laced material swirled as he turned to face me.  The first time I had met him, I had laughed out loud.  A six foot plus man with a thin military moustache in a ballroom dress was almost the weirdest thing I had ever seen at that point.

Almost but not quite.  The Artists Two, well they were another matter entirely.

To be fair to the Colonel, he had ignored my rudeness that day and addressed me by a codename that very few people knew.  I was not in costume and was quite taken aback by this.  Having only recently joined the agency, I was still wet behind the ears.  over time I found that outside appearances meant nothing.  The true quality of a person was found within.  The Colonel was living proof of that.

Now, the Colonel was standing looking at the city below us.  He explained that the other side had planned something quite big.  The city in front of us had been the first to have floating street lights installed.  Hovering high above the city, these wireless wonders shone their light down evenly all around.  It was really a wonder to behold.  However from our view point we could see their true purpose.  A large magical sigil was formed by their placement.  A sigil, the Colonel Explained, that gave away the enemys plans.

“This is where it all ends”

He had definitely said something else after that.  Before the bombers appeared and let loose their cargo of Disinformation bombs.  The lie shrapnel exploding all around us as he turned to me and spoke.

Try as I did, there was nothing coming to me.  My head hurt.  Deciding I should probably make my escape before the other side returned, I stood up shakily and somehow got to the top of the stairs.  The door was unlocked and I opened it to be faced with the reality of my situation.

Spinning through the coldness of space, I could see all the realities laid out before me.  They looked wrong.  Something was different but I could not place my finger on it.  Trying my comm device yeilded nothing but static.  I couldn’t be out of range, the Agency tech was far too good for that to happen.  No something else had to be causing this.

To my left, I caught a glimpse of orange.  Turning to look at it, I saw the Nexus explode in silence.  One minute it was there and the next.

The next.

It was gone just as if it had never existed.

I was alone.

Alone and spinning through space.



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