A view from one man in a granite city

As the political scene in Scotland heats up, I found myself wondering what I can do to support the side I want to win.

On Sunday in Aberdeen, there was a large stand for Yes Scotland and beside it was a selection of art from Artists for Independence (I think!!)  Some of the work was very inspiring and I was happy to see both stands as busy as they were.  The past week had been a dirty one in the campaign, with bad internet abuse from both sides.  Sadly I felt I had to point out to my No supporting friends, that while the abuse directed at JK Rowling was awful and wrong, the No side was just as bad.  The abuse that the No campaign had dished out to the Weirs after their donation to the Yes campaign was awful and vindictive (yet was not reported in the media with anywhere as much depth….strange that!).  There are idiots on both sides and the internet allows them to voice their bile in a relative anonymous fashion.  Sadly as we get closer to September the 18th, I can see this campaign getting dirtier and dirtier.

This saddens me as I really wanted both sides to debate in a sensible fashion.  I hoped that those who had not made their minds up, would be able to get facts and make their decision from there.

Not going to happen I think.

As a Yes supporter I see the newspapers and the TV news and Current affairs shows, all banging a drum that puts forward the No side at every opportunity.  It annoys me, not because people do not agree with my point of view but rather that the coverage is not balanced.  It is perceived injustice like this that finally made me start wearing my Yes badge all the time.  I felt I had to pin my colours to the mast.  I got fed up of being told that Scotland was too small, too stupid, too irresponsible to run its own affairs.  My reposting of links on Facebook and Twitter supporting independence has got more frequent as a result.  Almost as if I am trying to keep the tide of No support from seemingly swamping the internet.  Each post or retweet is like a flame and in my mind, I think of the bonfires in Gondor.  My flame encouraging another etc.

Of course it is nothing like that.  The internet is big enough and ugly enough to allow both sides their own space.

I have friends on both sides of this debate and I have no intention of trying to change their views.  I can disagree with them without it affecting my friendship.  I encourage those who are undecided to go and find out facts and then make their mind up.

Getting back to the beginning of this post.

I wondered what I could do to help the Yes campaign and all I could think of was this……

Ach I will tell you about it another day.

Anyhow, on Sunday I picked up some “Aye” badges and went home.


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