A whisper from the wind of change

It was happening again. He was changing. The soft voices were louder than before and he could feel the mists form around him.
This was one of the disadvantages of working in a multi-dimensional, chronal unstable environment.
Of course it was never mentioned on the induction booklet!

The Laird found a comfy seat and sat down, sinking into the soft leather and almost became one with it. He was an old hand at this now. It seemed that every few years, he would be rebooted. His previous life now consigned to a memory, filed under the title “Was that really me?”.
There was no point resisting the change, it would happen regardless.

The stars outside his habitat would still twinkle in the same way as before and everything would go on as normal. His friends would not see a change, they never did.

He knew though.

Flipping open the pocketwatch that he had taken from his waistcoat pocket, he caught sight of the engraving inside the lid.
“You are my favourite Darkness”
The Laird smiled