You got any Guru Josh?

Well as a matter of fact…I do.

The world was ending. The signs had been there for a while now, it is just that people were choosing to ignore them.
My friend had explained that the software had been updated. Our filters would not work anymore. There was no way to circumvent it.
We were doomed.
I sat, looking at the lies in the papers, wondering how they got away with it time after time. My filter tried to decode them but all they managed was a fuzzy picture of reality.
Plus it gave me a killer headache.
I resigned myself to the end

Then I heard it. The sound of a million saxophones all playing in unison. It was like the Big Man had not passed on. The beat followed and I could feel the threat receding. Headlines became legible again as the truth started coming through.
Outside I could see colour again. The grey and uniform world that they wanted us to live in was replaced by bursts of colour with each dance beat.

I dusted off my bongos and went outside.


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