Leaping from the page and occasionally stumbling onto the screen

So Constantine is coming up. Bleeding cool review the first episode here
Now from what I read there (and there are spoilers ahoy) I am more confident that this will not be awful.
Of course it may not be good either but at least it sounds like they have an idea what makes the character so well loved. From what I have seen of trailers etc, the guy playing John seems to be almost perfect. I personally would have cast Paul Bettany but that is just me.

So while Constantine is sounding promising, DC has other TV shows coming out. I have gone into depth in the past about how much I love Arrow (and how I was convinced beforehand that it was going to be awful). Also being a big Batman fan, you would imagine I am looking forward to Gotham?

You would be wrong.

Very wrong.

Now I am writing this without having seen the show. Episode 1 was on channel 5 last night here in Scotland, so I will watch that at some point. However the concept of the show is what bothers me.
Everyone knows Batmans origin…everyone. They are likely to remember that the police chief is Jim Gordon and that the city Batman works in is called Gotham.
So with those things in place, I thought that Gotham may be a Tv adaptation of the mostly excellent Gotham Central comic. A police procedure crime show that just happens to be set in Gotham.
What we seem to be getting is a strange mish mash of the above, jammed together with showing how all of Batmans villians came to be.
I may be old school with this but to me, Batmans villians come about because of Batman. The appearance of a masked man, inspires the criminals to become just as bizarre to stand against him. In the case of the Joker, he could not exist without Batman.

The show has hinted that in every episode there will be someone who could be the Joker. I wish they wouldn’t do that. The whole mystery surrounding the Joker is that no-one knows who he is and (more importantly) No-one should ever know.

Anyway the show has had good word of mouth but I remain to be convinced.
Excellent casting of Alfred though, I will give them that.

Then we have The Flash. I hold no love for Barry Allen as he is by far the least interesting person to have ever taken that name. Much like Hal Jordan is the least interesting Green Lantern, Barry will always be that clean cut boy from the sixties, no matter how many times the comics try to make him relevant.

Ok here is where I confess that Wally West was the first Flash comic I bought and the first series I collected….yep I am biased.

However the buzz for the series has been mostly positive. I have seen the pics of the fight with the Reverse Flash and I have to say that the costume is looking good.

I am less happy about Wally West being cast as a black kid, both in the TV show and in the new 52 reboot. Why they did not just make him a new original character who becomes Kid Flash I still don’t get. Hell even have Wally have the metabolism disease again that prevents him using his speed. Then he could mentor the new guy.
But that would have been too sensible I guess.


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