Flowers of evil in bloom

I wait at what used to be the shore and hope to see the ocean return.  Rising up like a majestic liquid creature of old and bringing life with it.

Unlikely on this dust planet but I was brought up to believe anything was possible.

I suppose that is why I ended up as an engineer on the Nexus.  Making sure that where the impossible existed, I did my bit to make it happen.  Working on the wiring that covers the circuit boards of reality.  Except that both do not really exist and are in fact constructs of a melding of minds.

Everyday is different.

Looking at the comm unit on my arm, I see that there are no new messages.  The Nexus must be dead by now.  When the faction invaded, it did so with speed and precision.  They knew exactly where to hit and when.  Someone on our side had betrayed us.  The chaos that came with them, flowed over our agents and eliminated any co-ordinated resistance.  The Artists Two were nowhere to be found and just before I sidestepped out of that reality, I saw a gaunt figure walking around indicating to his guards who to keep and who to kill.

It was a bloodbath.

So here I am, on a planet they will never search, waiting for an ocean to return.

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