Obsessions, shiny things and death

I have become incredibly addicted to Dark Souls.  Now as someone that hates hard video games, I never thought I would say that.  However since the majority of people who play it end up loving it, I always thought that I would like to give it a try one day.

Now being both Scottish and an Aberdonian, when I saw it second hand for less than £10, I bought it.

Loaded it up and enjoyed the intro a lot.  not what I was expecting but it set the scene well.  When the game starts and I found out I was already dead…..well it intrigued me (I did not know very much about the game beforehand).

5 minutes in and a Boss battle happens.  If I had not read the sign on the ground, I would have tried to fight.  Instead I ran away and when I came back to face the Boss a little while later, I was ready.

I died.

However, the second time I beat it.  I was ready to take on the game.  It was hard but not as hard as I had been led to believe.  I went up the hill, got flown away by the big eagle and landed at the Firelink Shrine.  Feeling unbeatable, I ventured away from where the man at the shrine hinted I should go and ended up in a graveyard, where I found out that I could not actually kill the Skeletons.

I died.

I went back to reclaim my souls and I died again.

And again and again and again.  Yet there was something that kept drawing me back to have another go, to see if I could get past a particular bit.

Some of the bosses are a pain in the arse……the one in the small room in Blightown for example…..aaargh.

Yet I kept trying.  I knew what I had to do (combination of the internet and blind faith) and when I eventually beat him…I felt like the Highlander does when he cuts off an immortals head.

Except I have an actual Scottish Accent!

The whole game has been like that for me.  Currently in Anor Londo, level 54 and still as obsessed with the intricacies of combat as I was when I started.  The lack of actual story is what makes the whole experience so much better.  Never thought that would be a good thing but then again, I have obviously become reliant on Video Games holding my hand and leading me to the end.  There are very few video games that make me feel triumphant as I get past an area as this one.  Yesterdays burstfiction was a shameless attempt by me to write my experiences down.

I do not play online, so I know I am missing out on bits but the rest of the game is so rich and full of things to explore and try, I am not that bothered.

So go on, give it a try.  It may be the worst thing you have ever bought and you will curse me through the medium of dance.

Or it will draw you into its bosom and hold you there.  Whispering the soft words of a long dead language and you become as hollow as I have.  And you will be happy.

Praise the Sun


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