Comic Characters I miss

I really miss Wally West

The real one, not whoever they have given his name to in the New52 and the Tv show.

His was the first series that I collected the first 150 issues of.  Started at issue 18 (I think,…it had Wally hiding behind a gravestone while a helicopter shot at him) and then spent a while tracking down the back issues.

I even ended up with two Issue 1’s….because I am a Scotsman.  I was at a London Comic Convention (I think it was 89) and having just been asked directions to the dealers room by the one and only Jonathan Ross, I was in a  bit of a starstruck tizz,  I saw issue 1 at a dealers stand.  It was £3.50.  I bought it without hesitation.  I finally had issue 1…I was happy.  Browsing my way around the rest of the dealers room, I found another issue 1.

This one was the same condition and yet was only 80p.  I had to buy it.  In my mind I thought I could sell the other one for a lot of money in the near future.  Indeed I was sure that I could make a tidy sum from my comics in the future.

To date I have never sold any of my comics….I have given away loads though.  Eventually the piles of boxes and folders become too much and they have to go.

Not my Flash run though – although I have lost many of them over the years due to moves, moves and moves.

I digress

Anyway Scans Daly had a post about Wally and it made me nostalgic

I would like to share it with you


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