Well it was 5 am! !

Gary Numan – Cars: http://youtu.be/Ldyx3KHOFXw

I had one of those annoying mornings. Woke up way early and sleep managed to evade me again.
My brain too fuzzy to play video games or read, I flipped on the TV.  At that time in the morning there was nothing I could handkerchief,  so I flicked to the recorded programmes.  Synth Brittania was only part watched – mainly cos the Batkids had got bored of the documentary as they just wanted to hear music – so I pressed play and made myself a much needed coffee.
What a brilliant programme. I had seen it ages ago but that just enhanced my enjoyment. In the 80s a lot of my friends were into bands like the undertones, U2, the Strangers etc. I liked The Alarm and Madness. Nevertheless we remained friends (even when a couple of them went through their Mister Mister phase!)
When Bronski Beat hit big, I was entranced by the music.  Synth and loud. It was like music made for me. I searched out similar music but it wasn’t till I was much older before I could afford to buy music I liked. So this programme is just a lively trip down memory lane for me.
My music taste has broadened as I’ve gotten older but (much like when I hear Madness) there is something that makes me feel alive when I hear a record that opens with synths.
This track sounds as good today as it did then.
Good Morning World


My Favourite Monkees Song ( that you have probably never heard )

There is something very lovely about this track.  I first heard it when, on a rare impulse buy, I picked up the Definitive Monkees many years ago.  Memories of the Tv show came flooding back with the opening track and I found myself wishing that they would release it on DVD.

So the tracks were playing away in the background while I pottered about the house and then this one came on.

I was instantly hooked.  As much as I love the whole CD , this is the track that gets played far more often than the others.

So as it is Friday and I am heading home from work, I felt that this was the best time to share it with you all.

Have a good one people

Love n Hugs

Strings in music, give me the feels…

Now for the Scots out there reading this, the phrase “Gives me the feels” does not relate to my mental health ok???

No, the feels is a hippitty-hop way for saying that it makes me feel emotional….I think!

I love strings in rock music, indeed there is a part of me that will argue that adding strings into most rock music, edges it towards Goth…..however that would not stand up to deep scrutiny, so lets just forget that.

This track – Flames by VAST – is just beautiful.  A kind of dark love song.  Improved massively by (what I think is) a cello.

Imagine you are in the dark just before the dawn, lying in the arms of the one you love.  The feelings of warmth, safety, love etc washing over the pair of you.  That is what this song feels like to me.

VAST are very good at eliciting emotional responses from me with their music.  It may not be for everyone but it strikes a chord with me in a very good way.

So if Flames is a description of the start and happy period of a love affair, the above (Winter in my heart – VAST) is the description of the end of the relationship.  Again the strings here (along with the piano and vocals) do something to me, lifting me up in the way that the broken hearted crave more hurt just to feel something.  Beautiful track.

Music is very important when I am writing.  The emotional responses I feel when listening to certain music, can be woven into the words and the story extremely well.  I have been able to turn what was a standard, almost dull scene in my head, into something powerful on the page.  Maybe because I am a writer, I listen to lyrics and try to work out what they mean, to me anyway.  I know that people can take different things away from the same piece of music, book, art etc.  The lyrics in the majority of VAST songs are full of smart memorable touches.  I wont bore you by listing them here.  If you like that sort of thing, Ladies and Gentlemen…to the internet!!!

Anyway, go check out the above videos and if you enjoy the music, then try the following links to a couple of other VAST tracks..

You never know, they may inspire you to go and produce something of beauty




Let Loose The Dimetrodons Of War

I always wanted to be a hero.  Fighting the good fight and triumphing over evil.  A hero in a story of my own making.  Songs would be sung about my exploits, many years after I had passed.

I think if more people were honest, they would agree that they would want that for themselves too.

Most people go about their lives, dreaming big and living small.  It seems to be too much effort to try something, especially when you could fail.

I was like that.  Until the day I decided to not be anymore.  Sitting in my small flat, I decided I was fed up being a nobody.  So that night, I wrote down exactly what I wanted to be.  Left the notepad at the side of my bed and fell into a deep dark sleep.

Which lead me to be here, surrounded by the stench and fog of war.

And no, it is not a dream before you ask!

To my left, soldiers clad in a strange mix of camouflage and primary colours, are attacking a column of giant robot invaders.  I wont go into too much explanation of why here, suffice to say – robots arrived, attacked the local populace and we decided to fight back.

With Dinosaurs – who had arrived just before the giant robots, befriended us (after an initial period of eating us!) and then banded together to fight back against the giant robots (who happen to be their masters – look keep up!)

Music is playing over us as the battle rages.  There must be a speaker system set up somewhere.  In between rousing songs, there are bursts of what I will describe later to a group of friends as “Sort of a west country/piratey mash up”.

I advance with the rest of 1st Peterborough Light Infantry and Raptor Hussars, straight into the giant robots main line of fire.  All around me, human and dinosaur are falling.  The robots aim is scarily accurate.  I find myself firing my rifle in the enemies general direction, not having the time to properly aim.  Even if I am hitting anything, there is little chance of making any real difference.  They are legion and they are many.

Suddenly I find myself blown backwards by a nearby concussive blast.  As my mind and body struggles to cope with the after effects of it, I see a car drive past me.  There is a lovely older man leaning out of the passenger window, holding aloft a piece of paper and shouting one word.


As darkness finally overtook me, all I could think of was, what has a commodore 64 game got to do with this?

This very short story was inspired by the wonderful Dinosaur Planet by MJ Hibbett & The Validators

Mainly because of the fantastic line that I have “borrowed” for the title of this story.  It just stuck in my mind until this lunchtime when I felt I had to use it somewhere.  I can only apologise for the roughness of the tale but it was written out of true admiration of the work.

A confusing mess explained

A lot of what I write is me trying my best to make sense of the world around me.  Things were so much easier when I was young.  Since becoming an adult, things have revealed themselves to be not what I initially thought they were.

Now you could put this down to getting older and the world changing as it always has.  I have not stood still, so why would the world.  I am just out of step with it all.

That is why I write.  I may never be able to understand all the weirdness out there but if I can just get my head around a wee bit of it, then that makes me feel better.

Over the xmas and new year period, one of the programmes I watched and enjoyed, was Charlie Brookers Screenwipe 2014.  Mr Brooker is pretty much spot on as how I feel about Tv and what is happening in the world.  During this episode, there was a 5 minute video from Adam Curtis that attempts to explain why things are so confusing.

You can make your own mind up about it all.  All I will say is that this made me think about things far more than any news programme did this year.

Then again…I do like a good conspiracy theory!!