A confusing mess explained

A lot of what I write is me trying my best to make sense of the world around me.  Things were so much easier when I was young.  Since becoming an adult, things have revealed themselves to be not what I initially thought they were.

Now you could put this down to getting older and the world changing as it always has.  I have not stood still, so why would the world.  I am just out of step with it all.

That is why I write.  I may never be able to understand all the weirdness out there but if I can just get my head around a wee bit of it, then that makes me feel better.

Over the xmas and new year period, one of the programmes I watched and enjoyed, was Charlie Brookers Screenwipe 2014.  Mr Brooker is pretty much spot on as how I feel about Tv and what is happening in the world.  During this episode, there was a 5 minute video from Adam Curtis that attempts to explain why things are so confusing.

You can make your own mind up about it all.  All I will say is that this made me think about things far more than any news programme did this year.

Then again…I do like a good conspiracy theory!!


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