Let Loose The Dimetrodons Of War

I always wanted to be a hero.  Fighting the good fight and triumphing over evil.  A hero in a story of my own making.  Songs would be sung about my exploits, many years after I had passed.

I think if more people were honest, they would agree that they would want that for themselves too.

Most people go about their lives, dreaming big and living small.  It seems to be too much effort to try something, especially when you could fail.

I was like that.  Until the day I decided to not be anymore.  Sitting in my small flat, I decided I was fed up being a nobody.  So that night, I wrote down exactly what I wanted to be.  Left the notepad at the side of my bed and fell into a deep dark sleep.

Which lead me to be here, surrounded by the stench and fog of war.

And no, it is not a dream before you ask!

To my left, soldiers clad in a strange mix of camouflage and primary colours, are attacking a column of giant robot invaders.  I wont go into too much explanation of why here, suffice to say – robots arrived, attacked the local populace and we decided to fight back.

With Dinosaurs – who had arrived just before the giant robots, befriended us (after an initial period of eating us!) and then banded together to fight back against the giant robots (who happen to be their masters – look keep up!)

Music is playing over us as the battle rages.  There must be a speaker system set up somewhere.  In between rousing songs, there are bursts of what I will describe later to a group of friends as “Sort of a west country/piratey mash up”.

I advance with the rest of 1st Peterborough Light Infantry and Raptor Hussars, straight into the giant robots main line of fire.  All around me, human and dinosaur are falling.  The robots aim is scarily accurate.  I find myself firing my rifle in the enemies general direction, not having the time to properly aim.  Even if I am hitting anything, there is little chance of making any real difference.  They are legion and they are many.

Suddenly I find myself blown backwards by a nearby concussive blast.  As my mind and body struggles to cope with the after effects of it, I see a car drive past me.  There is a lovely older man leaning out of the passenger window, holding aloft a piece of paper and shouting one word.


As darkness finally overtook me, all I could think of was, what has a commodore 64 game got to do with this?

This very short story was inspired by the wonderful Dinosaur Planet by MJ Hibbett & The Validators

Mainly because of the fantastic line that I have “borrowed” for the title of this story.  It just stuck in my mind until this lunchtime when I felt I had to use it somewhere.  I can only apologise for the roughness of the tale but it was written out of true admiration of the work.


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