Strings in music, give me the feels…

Now for the Scots out there reading this, the phrase “Gives me the feels” does not relate to my mental health ok???

No, the feels is a hippitty-hop way for saying that it makes me feel emotional….I think!

I love strings in rock music, indeed there is a part of me that will argue that adding strings into most rock music, edges it towards Goth…..however that would not stand up to deep scrutiny, so lets just forget that.

This track – Flames by VAST – is just beautiful.  A kind of dark love song.  Improved massively by (what I think is) a cello.

Imagine you are in the dark just before the dawn, lying in the arms of the one you love.  The feelings of warmth, safety, love etc washing over the pair of you.  That is what this song feels like to me.

VAST are very good at eliciting emotional responses from me with their music.  It may not be for everyone but it strikes a chord with me in a very good way.

So if Flames is a description of the start and happy period of a love affair, the above (Winter in my heart – VAST) is the description of the end of the relationship.  Again the strings here (along with the piano and vocals) do something to me, lifting me up in the way that the broken hearted crave more hurt just to feel something.  Beautiful track.

Music is very important when I am writing.  The emotional responses I feel when listening to certain music, can be woven into the words and the story extremely well.  I have been able to turn what was a standard, almost dull scene in my head, into something powerful on the page.  Maybe because I am a writer, I listen to lyrics and try to work out what they mean, to me anyway.  I know that people can take different things away from the same piece of music, book, art etc.  The lyrics in the majority of VAST songs are full of smart memorable touches.  I wont bore you by listing them here.  If you like that sort of thing, Ladies and Gentlemen…to the internet!!!

Anyway, go check out the above videos and if you enjoy the music, then try the following links to a couple of other VAST tracks..

You never know, they may inspire you to go and produce something of beauty





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