Well it was 5 am! !

Gary Numan – Cars: http://youtu.be/Ldyx3KHOFXw

I had one of those annoying mornings. Woke up way early and sleep managed to evade me again.
My brain too fuzzy to play video games or read, I flipped on the TV.  At that time in the morning there was nothing I could handkerchief,  so I flicked to the recorded programmes.  Synth Brittania was only part watched – mainly cos the Batkids had got bored of the documentary as they just wanted to hear music – so I pressed play and made myself a much needed coffee.
What a brilliant programme. I had seen it ages ago but that just enhanced my enjoyment. In the 80s a lot of my friends were into bands like the undertones, U2, the Strangers etc. I liked The Alarm and Madness. Nevertheless we remained friends (even when a couple of them went through their Mister Mister phase!)
When Bronski Beat hit big, I was entranced by the music.  Synth and loud. It was like music made for me. I searched out similar music but it wasn’t till I was much older before I could afford to buy music I liked. So this programme is just a lively trip down memory lane for me.
My music taste has broadened as I’ve gotten older but (much like when I hear Madness) there is something that makes me feel alive when I hear a record that opens with synths.
This track sounds as good today as it did then.
Good Morning World


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