He’s holding a Falcon for buffys sake!!

Simple Minds – All The Things She Said: http://youtu.be/tytPcvyJASc

Simple minds are a good rock band. During the 80s they had a fair few hits and seemed to be on the edge of super stardom.
Plus they are Scottish and all the best bands are*
However at the height of their fame, they just started believing their own hype and became a bit ….well….wanky.
For me it was around the ‘across the barricades’ time but as this video shows….the signs were there earlier.
Still….its a cracking song.
Good morning world.

*This may not be entirely true


One Less colour in the sky

“Tell me we both mattered to them?”

That was the last words he said to me.  I merely nodded and then he was gone, heading out into the battle with a purpose that I still cannot fathom.  Taking the chance to run, I did.  Despite my lack of fitness, I did not stop until I was back inside the hub.

The occupants already knew that he was gone, the 24 hour news channel had been broadcasting everything, albeit from a skewed perspective.  He had lasted less than a minute, taking out a whole swathe of the enemy before a sound-wave had disintegrated him.  Faces full of pride told me this.  Smiling meekly I agreed with them but inside my heart was broken.  Why me?

I had believed everything they told me.


Unquestioning and loyal, I thought I was doing the right thing by my country.  Yet when I chose to voice my questions, the shutters slammed down and I found myself the target of anger and lies.  It was not long afterwards that I went off the grid and somehow fell in with this lot.

So here I am.  Stood in front of you lot, trying to let you know exactly what is going on out there.  The truth is a scary place to visit.  None of the usual comforts of home exist there, just raw and jagged facts.

Are you ready for them?  Probably not but you need to hear them.

Will you believe me?  I doubt it.  I did not when I was where you are now.  However back then the information was only one part of a cacophony of data noise.  You really had to investigate and check everything that you were told, to make sure it was not disinformation.  They are very good at this and you had to be better to get the truth.

Now with everything so controlled and tightly monitored, the only way you can find out the truth is for someone like me to tell it to you.  No investigative work is needed, just listen and then look around you.

Last month they removed a colour from the sky.  They have that technology now.

Did you notice?

I bet you didn’t?

It was a test on their part.  They want to check exactly how far they can go before it is noticed by enough people to potentially cause them trouble.  Us, they can dismiss as crazy conspiracy theorists but when so called ‘normal’ people notice in large enough numbers, that is when they know they have gone too far.

We are beings that are made up of meat and liquid.  Everything that happens inside us is caused by bio-electric pulses.  We are beings of energy that are easy to manipulate.  They allowed the skies to be filled with data noise.  Wireless internet, text messages and emails flying all around us.  Imagine if you could feel all of those words, every single one.  It would drive you mad.  So they dial down the background volume and we all go around unaware of it all.

Until they want something to happen.  Because it is sound, they can localise the effect.  Test things out before they are filed away for future use.

But don’t just take my word for it.  I could very well be a rambling old fool, raging against the system that took the love of my life away from me.

Go out and look at the sky.  Really look at it.

Then when you are ready, come back and see me.

Not sure where I am going with this one to be honest….probably nowhere.  Never mind, you look nice today.  How are you?

Fading to Grey, Richey Edwards and Still Crazy

I re-watched Still Crazy yesterday.  It is a sweet film about a middle aged rock band making a comeback.  MightyGodKing writes about it far better than I ever could, so go read his post



Now the first time I watched it, The scene with Brian made me think about Richey Edwards.  Hell the line about carrier bags made me sure that there was a reference to Richey right there.

Except it isn’t, not really.  Loads of bands have lost members for various reasons.  Watching it the second time still gave me the chills when we meet himand I still thought of Richey when I was watching it.  Yet I know deep in my hear that is just me.  The Manics are such an important band for me and Richey is part of that.  Yet he is gone and never coming back.  Which is a shame but seeing what happens to Brian in Still Crazy, I don’t know if (somehow he was still alive) that if he did rejoin the band, it would be a good thing.

See the Manics are a very different band without him.  The lyrics are softer and the music better.  Richey was the good looking fucker and although he couldn’t really play guitar, it was important for the band to have him there.  Much like Strange Fruit, they were a different band without their main charismatic front man as part of it.  Nicky Wire is still there, pogoing about and for that I am glad, James Dean Bradfield is still one of my guitar heroes and he has the voice of a Welsh angel and Sean Moore still looks like he should be at school!!

I love the Manics and although they are not the angry band of my youth, I have to remember, I am not the angry confused youth I was back then either.  Journal for Plague Lovers did remind me just how good they are when they are angry, punky upstarts but then Rewind the Film made me feel all nostalgic and glad I am the age I am.

Still the film made me look at aging in much the same way that Clerks 2 did.  It is not a bad thing, it just makes you appreciate your life in a different way.

Another film I watched at the weekend was The Jacket which is a pretty well done time travel type film.  I love skewed reality in my fiction and this was anchored by a great perfomance by Adrian Brody (who I would have picked as the Joker before Heath Ledger made the part as perfect as the character had been in my head for years).

My writers mind did wish it had gone further in the time travel part but overall it is a good film that, although wont change your mind, will entertain you.

So back to work and my mind is still playing over various ideas that the Jacket gave me.  Some of them may even end up being written down – well you never know.

So before I go, let me leave you with two music videos.  They are both of the song Fade To Grey by Visage

The first one is from a new Orchestral album.  I was not sure of the idea for this but after listening to this track, it is a nice mix of strings and vocals. 


This is a remix done by a fan but it is a really good one.


The song means quite a lot to me as it was one that I kinda liked when I was younger.  But did not really fall in love with until I saw an advert for an 80’s mix cd.  On the advert, they had various normal people mouthing along with the lyrics of the different songs on the cd.  The advert was awful BUT this song stuck in my head because of it. 

Yes I did buy the CD…this was from the days when I had to order it from the TV advert phone line and wait weeks for it to be delivered.  It was worth the wait though.

There is something haunting about this track.  The combination of the vocals and the music mix together perfectly and the whole song can wash over me, rinsing the everyday rubbish from my mind and making me feel just that little bit better for having heard it.