A Recurring Nightmare

I have been having this nightmare for several weeks now and with some crap boy-band losing a member so he can go make crap rap records, it seems so much more real now.

There will come a time when a talentless boy-band will cover this song…or indeed any other Manics songs (There will be a clause somewhere hidden in legal jargon I bet you).  You know the boy-bands I am talking about (Ones like Brother Beyond, Take That and the other one where all the members are called Dave)

If you do not think this is likely, may I point you to the awful cover of “Under the Bridge” by that girl band (Eternal?  Possibly not.  There was twins.)

This will mark the beginning of the end of times.

Don’t let the Boy – bands win


We stood back while they re-wrote reality

When the streets became full of the police carrying machine guns.

That was when I knew we had lost.

The lead up to that day passed by most people.  As it was happening, most people just accepted it with no questions or outrage.  I have no idea why I noticed and they didn’t.  Later on a bedraggled resistance leader cheerfully informed me that I was lucky.  Somehow I was immune to the change in vibrational frequency that the elite were pumping out.  These sound waves were altering the perception of people and hard wiring their brains to accept whatever they were being told.

There are days when I wish I had been one of them.

It all started innocently enough.  An increase in enemies of the state activity required a response.  When that was met by street protests, there was an attack.  No one seemed to notice that it was related.  Like an army, people started falling into line one by one by one, accepting that life had to change.  We could not let the bad guys win and whatever the elite wanted to do, was the correct response.

Have you ever seen a street protest just fade away with almost silent acceptance?  I had found myself one of thousands and in less than a minute, there was only a couple of hundred left.  People went glassy eyed, dropped their banners and walked away.  Children were crying as their parents left them.  I had the headache of a heavy nights drinking spring up behind my eyes.

Some of us tried to shake people out of their stupour and when that failed, we carried on the protest.

Then the Police turned up and people died.  I’m slightly ashamed to say that I ran as soon as I saw the guns.  Doing so probably saved my life.

Politicians started giving television interviews about the danger of the internet.  it was giving people “mis-information” apparently, when in fact what it was doing was giving people information that the elite could not control.  Sites started closing down and despite others appearing to replace them, eventually the information superhighway was all traffic of the same colour.

Bookshops started stocking less books and second hand stores were closing down overnight.  Protests stopped soon afterwards as the Elite ruled them undesirables and started arresting the participants.

All this time I could not get rid of the headache.  I had to start wearing sun glasses just to cut the light down.  Everything seemed so much brighter, as if it had been given a new coat of paint.  They did little to deaden the pain but very quickly I got used to wearing them.  Looking out at a world I no longer felt a part of through the smoked perspex of the sun glasses, I felt powerless.

Soon the television was full of reality TV shows and news bulletins.  No documentaries, nothing that would actually make you think.  Music became the insipid and bland beat that my parents had been complaining about while I grew up.

One night I came home from my local supermarket a different route.  The sun was hazy as it was setting and I had removed the sun glasses to try and appreciate it better.  Turning a corner close to my home, I saw police vans parked outside.  One of my neighbours, a girl I had seen only a couple of times, was being dragged out of the building by her hair.  Passers by did nothing, seemingly not even noticing the screaming girl.

I should have gone to lend a hand.  I should have done something to help her.  What I did was back away and run.  With no idea where I was going to head, I just ran out of blind panic.  Reaching a local park, I ran into the trees and that was the last thing I remember.

Apparently I had tripped on a fallen branch and hit my head on a tree.  It left a bump that seemed to grow with each passing minute but the people who had found me assured me that I would be fine.  Seemingly there are a small percentage of people like me who are resistant to whatever the Elite are pumping out.  The girl from my building was one of them, I met her best friend the other day but could not bring myself to tell her what I knew.  It was kinder leaving her thinking that she was still out there somewhere.

That was almost three months ago now and so here I am living under the radar, almost permanently on the move.  Off the grid and it looks like I may have to stay that way.  Living in Scotland there is luckily quite a lot of remote places to stay hidden in.

There are rumours that someone is coming to help.  The Nexus keeps being mentioned but no-one seems to be able to explain exactly what that is.  Still the possibility of them coming has raised the spirits in camp.

I hope they arrive soon though, I can hear noises in the trees at night and I know that it is only a matter of time before they catch us.

Your sun’s coming out

Kate Bush – Cloudbusting – Official Music Video: https://youtu.be/pllRW9wETzw

It’s been too long since I posted this. Beautiful song and interesting video. The song is allegedly based on a true story and that picks at the conspiracy nut in me.
There’s a story in there, I wonder if I can dig it out?
Good morning world

Nostalgia by Veidt…powerful stuff and proof that magic does exist (Albeit in Musical form)

I moved house recently.  This is when you find out exactly how much rubbish you had been keeping at the back of a cupboard “just in case”!!

However I was able to let a lot of my comics go.  If you are in Aberdeen and frequent the charity shops, then you may well end up with a bargain.  I cannot tell you how freeing it was to just give away my comics.

Yes I could have gone through the hassle of selling them but to be honest, I could not face moving with them and since I have not read the majority of them since I bought them (In some cases over 20+ years ago) there was no point in keeping them on the off chance that they may have been worth something.

Sorting through CDs that I have and revisiting some old favourites (Mainly to brainwash the Bat-kids to like real music) I decided that I should share with you some of the music of the 80’s that I love and the reasons why.  Make with the clicky on the song and it should play the You tube link)

I apologise in advance!

The Icicle Works – Love is a Wonderful Colour – The opening to this track feels like it was formed from pure joy and a love of life that can never fail to lift my spirits.  I vaguely remember this track from the first time around but it left a big enough impression that when I heard it again on a compilation, I was instantly transported back to my youth.  beautiful Song.

A Flock of Seagulls – Wishing I had a photograph of you – Another track with a great opening.  The synth always makes me feel like playing an air synth, which is only slightly less wanky than an air guitar.  Plus the hair…..how can you not be impressed with the hair?  Actually if your children want to wear stuff that is in fashion, despite the fact that it makes them look daft, show them this video and remind them that the hair was very fashionable at the time…well I think it was anyway.  Plus the end of the song is just a musical massage of the memory.  Lifting and soothing my mood, pointing out the potential that is out there and encouraging me to go for it.

(Interlude – Mental as Anything – Live it up – I had forgotten about this song and stumbled upon it.  Ah the memories…..It has not aged well though.  i vaguely remember finding the girl in the video quite attractive…sadly this is not that video!)

Jane Wiedlin – Rush Hour – Jane Wiedlin is beautiful and was in Bill and Ted as Joan of Arc.

What?   you want more reasons?

Ok this is another song that sounds as if it was penned by someone who was really happy.  From the opening to the ending, there is joy here.  Looking back I am surprised that I liked all this upbeat music…I do not remember the 80’s being that way!

Neneh Cherry – Buffalo Stance Again I had a crush on Neneh which probably drew me to this song at first.  At this time I had just discovered Rap Music (well the Brit version anyway – see next track) and this stood out because of the “Mockney” bits in it.  Still sounds good though

Derek B – Bad Young Brother – this was the first Rap album I ever bought.  I loved this song (again the “Mockney” bits made me smile….I have no explanation as to why they still do though!)  This guy was taken far too early.

MC Tunes – The Only Rhyme that bites – First 12 inch I ever bought.  Also bought his album but this was the only track I liked.  I so wanted to be this guy.  For reasons that I cannot remember but probably to do with the time and my age, MC tunes seemed the coolest motherfucker in the world.  I am pretty sure that this was released in 1990 but it stays in this list purely because it still sounds good.  Well that and it has the lyric “Leaves you chill like the fridge in a meat van” and that is possibly the best lyric ever…..in that song!

Silver Bullet – 20 Seconds to Comply – Just pure attitude in a rap song, with great sampling from Robocop.

Speaking of sampling…I will leave you with this lovely tune from a band I did not get into until the 80’s had finished and the 90’s were leeching my soul away.  Luckily their music helped move me away from the blandness of the 90’s and made me realise that what I really liked was ok.

PWEI – Can U Dig It?

Thank you for indulging me