Rest and relaxation for the mind, body and soul

I have been a fan of Matt Berry since Garth Marenghis Dark Place and he has a fine singing voice as this song from that show proves.

Indeed, the recurring song from Snuff Box is also one of my guilty pleasures.  It sticks in your mind and refuses to leave.

Recently I decided to buy one of his albums.  Kill The Wolf if you are interested.

It is a smooth blend of folksy jazz and has been on repeat for most of today.

The track Solstice though….WOW

It is just over nine minutes long and just wraps you in a cloak of warmth and peace.  The opening lyrics are repeated, almost like a mantra.  Then around 3+ minutes in, the song goes instrumental and this is where I fell in love with the track.

At times it reminded me of parts of the War Of The Worlds Jeff Wayne soundtrack (but doesn’t sound anything like it).

Then all too soon, the singing starts, almost ethereal now.  Sadly the end is near and all I want it to do is play again

and again

and again


So I have to share it with you.

Find a dark and quiet place, turn the volume up loud, put headphones on and press play.

Let this wash away any stress you may have and replace it with genuine uplifting wonderfulness.

Have a good Weekend World


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