The last train

I have never had to work this late before.  The night has been here for several hours and the town is full of the rich revellers, out spending money like it is going out of fashion.  The neon signs buzz quietly as I make my way to the Train Station.

The level above the level above the level my manager is on, demanded that the report was completed before anyone went home.  For some reason that meant that I had to stay as the rest left.  I would have complained but I need the work.  Money is tight enough without putting myself into the work groups.

Or worse still, signing up with the television stations.

I never understood why Evie did that.  Privacy was scarce enough without subjecting yourself to 24 hour a day viewing.

But she could take the daily grind any more and she left my company.  I never saw her again, I can only imagine what show she ended up being cast into.

The station was quiet and lit the bare minimum as specified by the law.  There was a train guard at the ticket barrier, his gun sitting uncomfortably on his left hip.

“You’re late today Sir,” he spoke as I approached.  I had never seen him before.

“Yeah I had to work on unfortunately.” I responded as if he was an old friend.  Behind him the security camera panned around the empty platform.

“Well at least the train is likely to be quiet at this time of…” he checked his watch but did not look directly at it, “…night.”

“Yeah I should be able to find an empty seat.” I smiled as I handed over my travel pass.  He scanned it and as he handed it back, I saw him look at his watch again.  This time he was watching something in the glass faces reflection.”

“Don’t get this train.” His voice barely a whisper, “Just turn around and book into a hotel.”

Looking at him I could see he was still looking at the watch.  As I went to reply I saw him shake his head ever so slightly.

“We don’t even have guards on this train, just leave and go anywhere else but here.”

I had nowhere to go.  The guard suddenly snapped his gaze from his watch and spoke louder than before.

“Well you go and have a safe journey Sir.”

He would not even look at me as he ushered me through the gate.  The camera seemed to be fixed on me as I went to the waiting train.  The carriage was empty and I took my pick of the best seat I could find.  Looking back at the guard I saw that he was locking the main entrance doors.

There was a garbled announcement in a soft female voice and the train started its journey.


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