Not quite NaNo 2015…but NaNo 2015

Just imagine, that this, right here, was the very first time you had ever met me.

I know we have hung around together for years, I know that.  My memories back that up.  Every silly conversation we have had.  Every drunken night out.  They are all there, in the depths of my mind, just waiting to be remembered.

But what if they were not real?  What if, they had been implanted there by them?  What if this was actually the very first time you had met me?  The very first time you had seen my face?  Your mind tells you exactly who I am and what our relationship is but can you honestly say that you trust those memories?

Look I know it sounds crazy, I am not daft.  It sounds like the rantings of a madman.  Yet I have to tell someone and it might as well be you.

You wont remember this tomorrow anyway.

You see, last night I could not sleep.  Tossing and turning, I kept looking at the clock, counting down the hours until I had to get up.  Thinking, “If I drop off now, I will have five hours and a wee bit of sleep.”

It did not happen.

Around half past three this morning, I got up to make myself a drink.  Strange thing with me is that drinking coffee actually makes me sleepy.  not milky coffee either, straight up strong black stuff.  As I waited for the kettle to boil I noticed that the second hand on my kitchen clock had stopped moving.  Same thing had happened with my watch.  Then I could not move, trapped standing beside the kitchen window, the steam from the kettle motionless to my right.

It was then that I first saw them descending slowly from the night sky.

Its hard to describe something that does not fully exist in our dimension.  Its body was composed of many sharp edged angles, some of which were not visible.  From my limited viewpoint, I saw them entering my neighbours houses and removing them.  Some of them brought other people to replace those taken.  Each body I saw was stiff as a board.  Not moving, not reacting to anything.

I could hear them in my house but could not see what they were doing.  Some noise that seemed to be language was whispered around me and then, just like that, they rose back into the sky and vanished.  A split second later there was a flash so bright, I wished I could have closed my eyes.  As she shock registered, it was gone.

The kitchen clock started to tick again, as did my watch.  The kettle finished boiling and as I was pouring the water into my cup I wondered if I should make my wife one too.

I don’t have a wife, well I didn’t when I went to bed.  Yet I could remember everything about her.  Where we first met, what her favourite colour was, everything.

Putting it down to tiredness, I went upstairs and there she was, fast asleep on the side of the bed I don’t sleep on.  I could hear a child breathing from my spare room and remembered that we had a son.

This morning it was like nothing had happened.  We had always been a family.  The kid called me Dad for gods sake!  I was too tired to react, so I got myself ready and left for work.

Now I can see that you think I am just shattered and this is all just something I dreamt last night.  Our shared history makes you think that but just do me one favour.  Just really think about everything.  Can you discount anything that I have told you?







Yes I have just watched Dark City and have just completed Bioshock Infinite for the second time….why do you ask?



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