Stumbling down that hill

I don’t bother with curtains any more.  The watching cameras that fly around the city keeping us all safe from the bad people, can see through them anyway.  In fact as a friend of mine down the pub said, “If you have nothing to hide, why would you worry?”

I don’t worry.

The gentle whirr of the rotor blades outside my window is like a nice relaxing tune.  I do not even look up any more, I know that they are watching me.

Watching out for me.

The cameras were introduced for our safety.  We have never been under a greater threat than from the enemy and I for one, feel completely safe and secure.  As a country, we have never been safer.

There was an explosion last night.

I carefully separate out all my rubbish into the proper bags and then open my front door.  It does not lock as I have no secrets.  The Leader made this quite clear on his last broadcast to us all.  Why remove yourself from the community? he said.  Why not invite the community to keep each other safe?  I agree and removed my lock the very next day.  If it was not for the draughty building I live in, I would not even bother with a door.  Why would I?  I have nothing to hide.

The stairs down to the street level are well lit with the latest in energy saving bulbs.  The government put them in last year and the light they produce is more than enough for us to just about see our way down the steps.  As long as we take it slowly anyway.  Then again, why would I be running?  If I was doing that, then surely I would be up to something suspicious.  The newspapers tell us that we should report any suspicious behaviour to the police force.  That is what good citizens do.  All the time I know that a camera is keeping an eye on me just in case I fall.

Outside the street lighting sponsor is in the middle of being changed and as such, the street is in pitch darkness.  However how can we expect low prices if there is no competition?  So we accept that for a few days a week, the lights will not be on as they are repainted in the correct livery.  No matter, I know where the bins are and I make my way towards them.

The street is busy as people make their way to and from their work.  Our Government has managed to make sure that everyone is working now.  It builds character to have a job and to work hard.  By keeping wages low and eliminating benefits, our Government has given each and every one of us the incentive to work harder.  To take on more hours and more jobs.  Family life is no longer the choice of the working person.  They just used to drain us of energy that we should have been spending on working.  I am so glad that those days are behind us.

As I put my rubbish in the correct bins depending on what it is (watched over by the camera that will alert me if I make a mistake) I hear a voice coming from the nearby corner.  Without even turning my head, I raise my free arm up and point in the general direction of it.  My camera flashes red and then is joined by another.  It lights up the whole area in a brilliant white light and I can hear the voice begging for mercy.  Two sharp shots from a nearby police guard and the voice is silent.  Good job too as the homeless are just as dangerous as the enemy is.  If they wanted to contribute, they would work and live where they were allocated.  To choose not to is to choose against our country and I cannot understand why anyone would do that.

The police guard nods to me as I make my way back to my home.  My own camera keeps pace with me and the second one stays, keeping the enemies body in full view while the pictures are taken.  I do not know how many of these must be broadcast to stop people choosing that way of life.  Some people are strange and I stay away from them.

Soon I am back in my own home.  The television will soon switch itself off as it will be time for me to sleep.  I must work soon and they know what is the best time for me to rest.

As I close my eyes, the whirr of the rotors shifts to my left somewhat and I know that they are watching.  Keeping me safe.

As I drift into unconsciousness, I feel glad that I cannot even feel the knife that is under my pillow.


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