What do you mean she’s been kidnapped…..Again!!

Ah Fallout 4. Much as Fallout 3 was the main reason I got a 360, so the 4th installment was the main drive in getting a PS4.
(well the fact we got it free with a mobile phone helped)

I’ve seen the criticism and I ignored it. The game is exactly what I wanted. More of the same sure but that is its attraction for me.
Plus your companions can’t die this time. .finally I can have Dogmeat travel with me instead of leaving him behind in megaton as I did in 3.
(There was an incident, a quick reload of an earlier save, fast travel back to megaton and he didn’t get to leave again)
The settlement building has hooked me too. I cannot build for toffee but my weird shaped communities have given me a strange sense of pride. I know my in game son is missing but that farm doesn’t have any defenses. Oh and that one has not got enough beds and……
You get the idea.
Preston Garvey on the other hand has remained in Sanctuary Falls and is unlikely to ever get to travel with me. Seriously I’m convinced that he made me general so he could laze around my house acting like a glorified call centre.
Yup the missions he sends me on are downright annoying. While i could ignore them, I don’t. Though if that lassie at Abernethy Farm gets herself kidnapped by raiders again, she can stay there. It was the 2nd time I went to get her only to find that everyone i had killed the 1st time was still dead and essentially she was tied up in an open room just waiting.
Last night she got kidnapped again and while its easy xp, I’m pretty sure there is nothing left for me to scrap in that location. I need scrap to build my settlements, so she may be waiting a while.
Oh who am I kidding?


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