Where Bloodborne tries to test me.

Oh Father Gascoine.. I had heard such tales of horror about you. Our first encounter happened by mistake. I had searched for you, t’is true, yet I avoided two strange creatures at a fire by running up some nearby steps. There was no mist to warn me (Dark Souls had seeped into my bones deep) and there you were.
I knew the trick with a quest item and although you fought well, I felt I had you on the ropes when you transformed.
It was but a distraction as you soon finished me off and made me lose over 7000 blood echoes.
I vowed to do better next time we met.
Oh and how I did…
My second attempt

I cheered and journeyed back to the Hunters Dream.


That them internet folk and their things

I have seen them, those internet celebs.

You know the ones, they have weird hair and swear/don’t swear a lot while playing video games.

They make tons of money* and I have decided I now wish a piece of the pie.

Behold my first You Tube Upload

I expect to be a Millionaire by the time you read this.

That is how it works right?

*I realise that very few make lots of money.