A weekend spent stripping vampires

Yes you read that right.  I spent my time in the Akibhara district of Tokyo, running around with various companions and stripping Vampires of their clothes.

You see without their clothes, the sunlight will hit their skin and BAMF, they are gone.

Now as you can imagine, this is not without its complications.

Firstly, they call themselves Synthisters.  They suck life energy out of people instead of blood but the effect is the same.  Sadly this kinda  also happened to me (but not quite the same…it’s complicated)….and as a result, when fighting these Synthisters, I have to be careful not to be stripped also.

Sorry did I not mention that I had to fight them?  You can’t just rip someones clothes off, not with todays materials.  So you have to hit their clothes until they become weakened and then rip them off.  Oh and headphones, Cat ears, caps and bandanas also have to be removed.  It can be very time consuming and I found myself occasionally having to fight normal people too…..they just ran off when they were down to their pants*

Occasionally while fighting, I would get into a rhythm that would enable me to remove several items of clothing from the group of people I was fighting, in one smooth combination of moves.  I did not believe how lithe I was to be honest but I was there and it happened.  On several occasions, my removal of clothing items generated what can only be called “Sunlight” and that would make the people I was fighting bras and pants fall off.  This then caused them to burn up/run away.

I am still not sure how that happened!

In between the fighting, I would hang about with a gang dedicated to keeping Akibha safe and sound.  A sort of Guardian Angels if you will.  We hung out in a video game cafe and had several adventures together.

It was a good weekend.


Ok so Akibha’strip is not the deepest videogame I have ever played but it does have its charms.  The stripping mechanic was obvbiously designed to pull in the 14 year old boys and to be honest, if I was 14 I may have thought I had seen heaven in this game.  But I am not 14, so it is a good thing that the game does not take itself too seriously.  Little in jokes are scattered throughout the story and the interaction between the characters is generally enjoyable.  The combat is basic but there is enough different types of weapons to use and they all handle differently.  Combat Strip animations tend to stick to the same 3 until you level up / change weapon / advance the story (I am not sure) and can get very boring very quickly.  There is a team strip move that you and your chosen partner can perform but again, these seem to be limited to one per partner and last far too long.

Yet despite all the bad points, I had a lot of fun playing this.  Not finished it yet but will probably do so in the next day or so.  Given how my mind jumps from game to game, this is a welcome change for me.  Its on sale on PSN at the moment (PS4 version anyway) and at £11.99 it is still expensive for what it is.  Still, you will never play anything quite as weird for the sake of being weird and yet charming, as this.


Next time I may have to tell you all about how the opening of “The Last Of Us” is probably the best videogame opening ever.



*I am Scottish…Pants are pants, not trousers ok!


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