Hey…you fancy something to read?

I was on holiday recently.  Well I say holiday, I was off work looking after the Bat Kids.

I had plans…such grand lovely plans.

I ended up playing video games with my spare time and my plans were put back on a shelf marked “C’mon man…..just do it”.  On the plus side, I cleared a few games from my backlog (Ryse, Outlast, Rise of the Tomb Raider, D4 and Gat out of Hell).

On the down side…I did not edit my stories into a book.

Yeah….I know….believe me I do.

So back to work and full of woe wishing I could just go back to sleep for a couple of hours, I have spent my lunchtime looking at my old stories.  They are not too bad and although they need a good edit and some obvious song lyrics changed, they could form the spine of a not bad book.

So as it is Friday and I am feeling generous….here is the beginning of what will eventually be self published.

Please read and let me know what you think – good or bad.

Many Thanks

Remember I love you all

He watches while we are lost

The man sat in his leather chair watching it all. Sipping hot tea from a china cup he watched as the universe below him was spun together. Worlds crashing into worlds, realities into realities, followed by a period of stability and peace. Then those worlds, universes and realities were stretched until they cam apart again. Spinning out to fill any void that had formed by their absence.

He sat and watched it all, pouring endless tea from the tall china tea pot that sat on the black table beside him. Steam rising from the cup he observed the changes until he understood the reasons behind them.

It was not a good time.

Eventually when the spinning started below him again and vibrational frequencies were getting attuned, he acted.

Placing the delicate bone china cup back on its saucer, he laid it softly on the table. Standing up, he brushed himself down before placing his hat upon his head. Imagining a mirror, he adjusted his clothing until he was happy. Then picking up his silver topped can, he tapped it twice on the floor and looked one last time at the universe.

“Oh this will not do at all.”

There was work to be done. He turned to the right and disappeared. The adventure had begun.

He’s got the key but I have the secret

There came three loud raps at the door. A sound like metal on glass. The man wandered slowly from the kitchen into his hallway, eating a slice of toast that was far too floppy to be consumed easily. Approaching the door, he briefly wondered why his wooden front door had sounded like glass but that thought passed almost as soon as it had formed.

Opening it, he found himself face to face with a dark clad figure. The most striking thing about this man was his top hat that was raised ever so slightly in greeting as the door was opened.

“Good Morning to you Sir.” The mans voice was soft and slightly Scottish. Immediately the householder felt at ease.

“Good Morning,” he replied.

The dark figure shifted slightly and the householder was aware that he was leaning on a silver topped cane. As this man spoke, the householder became entranced by the way he slowly moved the cane around while he spoke.

“I believe that you recently came into possession of a pink plastic key?”

The householder nodded and without looking, reached behind the open door to the table that lay behind it. Picking up the key in question, he handed it over.

“Yeah it came in a Christmas cracker. Pretty useless gift if you ask me but then again what do you expect for the money?”

They both laughed and the dark clad gentleman accepted the key. The Householder never once broke his gaze from the silver topped cane.

“Bit of a mix up I am afraid,” The Dark one continued, “This is the key to the multiverse and it should have been placed in the tower with no doors but you know what it is like in the run up to Christmas? People over indulging and not keeping their minds on the job in hand.”

The householder nodded again, all the time watching as the cane swirled ever so slowly back and fore.

“Yeah. Oh well it is lucky that I hadn’t thrown it out yet?”

“Indeed,” the dark one was smiling as he placed the key into the breast pocket of his long black overcoat.

Suddenly the trance was broken and the householder blinked twice before looking at the dark one. He raised his cane and tipped his top hat slightly up with the silver top and bid the householder goodbye.

As he closed the door, the householder forgot about the meeting and went back to eating his toast. There was a programme coming on Television that he wanted to see and so he made his way through to his sitting room.

If he had listened hard enough, he would have heard the dark clad one laughing as he walked away down the path.

One down. Two to go.

You are lost but I know exactly where you are

A fine drizzle fell from the grey sky as the car pulled away from the kerb. The traffic seemed heavier than normal and the mother was already running late. Picking up her daughter from the playgroup and delivering her to the childminder was always a rush to do during her lunch hour but needs must.

“I had fun today Mummy” “That’s good sweetie”

“Yes a man came and told us a story. It was a good story.”

The car slowed at the lights and the mother looked at her daughter. She was obviously excited about her day and wanted to share.

“Oh was it one of the teachers?” Her daughter shook her head.

“No mummy, he called himself the King or something. He was very clever and carried a stick.”

The lights changed and the car drove away up Aberdeen’s Union Street towards the next set of lights.

“A stick? Was it a walking stick?”

“No mummy, he used it when he was telling a story.”

The Mother smiled to herself. The playgroup was good for her daughter and she imagined one of the teachers had been dressed up.

“So what was the story about then?”

Her daughter looked at her hands and spoke softly. Counting off the elements of the story with her fingers.

“It was about the mutty vess and the different worlds. It had princesses and ponies and penguins in it.”

The lights had stayed at green and the mother drove onwards. “That sounds exciting”

“It was mummy. Then the king asked if we could draw the mutty vess for him. He said mine was the best.”

The next light was green also. “That’s nice honey”

“Yes and he said my drawing of the mutty vess was soo good that he wanted to hang it on his wall. So I gave him it and he gave me invisible armour against the monsters.”

The lights all along Union Street were green and the car sailed through the lunchtime traffic. This was almost unheard of. Slightly distracted by this, the mother had only heard half of what her daughter had said.

“That was very good of him.”

“Yes it was,” her daughter said with a triumph,” and now I am not scared of any monsters. Not even the ones under the bed.”

Ah those monsters, the mother thought. Well if her daughter was now going to sleep through the night, that could only be a good thing.

This town is big enough for the both of us

The soft spring sun shone down on the Granite City as the Laird walked along Union Street. The granite buildings sparkling like they were all shiny and new again. It was a good day. The streets were full but not overly busy as he made his way to meet the guide.

In front of him the Laird saw a charity mugger. All teeth and strange hair. He was accosting the passers by with minimal success. The Laird really did not want to be bothered with this form of social interaction, so decided on a course of action.


Carefully he matched his footsteps to the approaching chugger and started tapping his can slightly harder on every right foot step. Each time the chugger stepped forward with his right foot, the Lairds cane made an audible noise. With this in place, he waited until the chugger was almost upon him and then double tapped the cane.

The chugger stumbled and the Laird was able to walk past him without any interaction necessary.

This was definitely a good day.

Crossing Union Street, the Laird arrived at the Union Terrace Bridge and looked down on the train tracks and the road to nowhere that lay below. The sunlight was just strong enough for him to see the man standing beside him.

“Good Morning George,” the Laird spoke with a warmth reserved for close friends.

The shimmering, semi transparent figure shifted uncomfortably, realising that he had been discovered.

“I don’t go by that name anymore,” It muttered. The Laird inhaled deeply and spoke the name that must not be uttered, a whisper in the soft breeze that was barely audible over the passing cars. The man appeared in normal vision and looked very annoyed at the intrusion.

“Brilliant, thank you very much!” The words dripped with sarcasm.

The Laird turned to face him and smiled. He raised his cane and used the silver top to raise his top hat slightly.

“Come now George, there is work to be done.”

The two of them merged with the passing crowds as the sun started to shine just that little bit brighter.

He stares at the screen, the little words that are green and he wonders what to do next

There was a satisfying clink as the Laird set the tea tray down upon the table in the E/N Room. The fire crackled over in the corner of the round room, throwing its warmth and light around the sphere. Sitting down, the Laird opened the steam powered world machine that George had given him. The semi-translucent man was over beside the fire singing away to himself.

“Bell, book and Candle. Candle, book, Bell”

That was the thing about Everywhere and Nowhere rooms. Easy to set up when you knew how, they catered for the individual user experience and when the radio was turned on; you would only hear music that you liked. The Laird was listening to Kate Bush while George was evidently listening to some mid 80′s Thrash Metal band. At least that was what the Laird thought; the lyrics had awoken a memory from deep within him. A memory made of flexible vinyl discs and white dwarves, edged with long, permed hair.

It was a comforting memory at least.

The machine hissed and sighed on his lap, displaying a very detailed version of the map of the multiverse that he had collected. You had to hand it to the technology of the Agency with no name; it did what it was supposed to do and did it well. It just was not always as user friendly as it could be. Almost as if while being designed, someone decided to knock off five minutes early. A minor annoyance but an annoyance none the less.

The pink plastic key slid snugly into the allocated slot that had formed for it and the world machine hummed slightly louder as it assimilated the information from it. George was laying out travelling supplies for them both. He was the guide and he knew his place. It was a shame that he had fallen victim to the curse of the knowledge just beyond the mirror but it was not as if he had not been warned enough times. This song had changed as George sang about being fed up of the whole town. Music was essential for his work though, the vibrations it produced appearing as physical objects that he was able to manipulate to form the items they would both need for the job in hand.

The Laird poured the tea into the china cup and sipped while he read the screen of the world machine. It was struggling slightly to keep up with his reading speed but otherwise was coping quite well. The instructions were as vague as Ted Rogers could have made them but a lifetime of working for the AONN had allowed the laird to be able to translate almost instantly.

So that was what was needed? Unusual and certainly not anything he could have come up with on his own. The world machine whirred as the screen cleared itself and then displayed just one word.

It was not what he had hoped for.

The Story of Georgie Boy

I once asked George what had happened to him. Just to satisfy my own curiosity you understand, nothing more. He was very reluctant to open up but my tenacity eventually paid off.

You see he was too intellectual for the banality of the world. He struggled with what the media and society found “Entertaining” and as such, he fell into a depression.

The only thing that he found, that kept the black dog at bay was the search for the truth. The real truth. The kind that is hidden behind the curtain. However in this case, the real truth was through the looking glass.

He spent hours online looking for threads that would lead him to find out exactly what was going on. Prodding around, he found the edge of the circuit board and looked underneath at all the wires.

Now if that had been the end of things, if he had taken what he had learned and gone about his daily life, that would have been that.

He didn’t.

He kept pressing forward, searching for the ultimate truth. This caused his real personality to be steadily eroded. A little bit here and there, he lost his humanity. All that mattered was the truth.

Eventually he was an empty physical shell, transparent to the real world as he had fallen through the mirror and now could not get back.

Left with no choice and no direction, he ended up drifting for years until the Agency with no name took him in and gave him a purpose. So he now assists us, slowly piecing himself back together again.

At least that’s what he told me. He is a terrible liar though; the truth was far more horrible than that.

If this world is wearing thin and you’re thinking of escape

Every town and city has them. Those bits of architecture that seem out of place with the surrounding area. Little slabs of concrete or granite that just stand out.

They are anchors.

You see each planet within the multiverse occupies the same space in time. Each existing on different vibrational planes or frequencies. That’s all that is keeping them from crashing together in one massive great big bang. The anchors keep the worlds in alignment within the orrerry and enable those who have the ability to traverse the multiverse, to slip between the planes with a simple step to the left.

That’s what I do. Or rather that’s what I did, many years ago; I was a full time member of the agency with no name. We kept the multiverse safe from the enemy who wanted it all collapsed together and mangled into one universe. It is one of those never ending

battles that you read about. Each side perfectly matched and nullifying each other. Small victories on each side maintain the balance.

So when I semi-retired, I went into null space, an area where I could exist without directly being on any of the earths. This suited me as I honestly could not pick my favourite between them all. Some mean more to me than others obviously, I mean, I am not a monster!

However from my vantage point I could see an imbalance coming. One that would threaten the whole stability of the multiverse and in time, Null space. So I came back.

My plan involved finding the key, the map and a guide to help me through the mission ahead. Now I have all these tools, the real work starts.

So these anchors? Keep an eye out for them, once you spot your first one, you will see them everywhere.

It was music we were making here until….

The Laird stood at the crossroads of the neverspace. George stood beside him, his backpack full of physical sounds weighing him down. The neverspace was quiet for now but that was soon to change.

In his hand, the Laird held a book. The cover was worn and carried a publication date several years into the future of the time he was travelling to. This was important to the agency with no name and he had been sent with due haste.

“So why are we going to see this guy?” George was ever the impatient one.

“Well George, this professor has stumbled upon something that may cause ripples throughout the multiverse. We have to go and tell him not to worry. This book,” The Laird held the book closed up, is the combination of several years worth of internet blog posts that he has been working on. We are going back to stop him.” The Laird smiled at George’s change of expression. “Not in that way. We just have to show him why he does not need to worry and as such, no longer needs to write this book.”

The neverspace throbbed a deep amber and the Laird put the book back into his long coats inner pocket. They were almost there. The professor had stumbled onto the vibrational reality of the universe in which he lived. The ability to manipulate that reality through music and sound was not a new concept, but this man had broken through the paper veneer of safety and was meddling in the workings of the multiverse. It is not as if he did not have good reason to worry or meddle but he did not know the whole picture.

The Laird and George were going to show him the truth. Hopefully this book would never be written and things would continue as before.

Well that was the plan anyway.

The neverspace faded away and the two companions found themselves standing in the driveway of a very well to do city house. The traffic from the nearby road was still audible but the bushes and trees dotted around were cutting off the worst of the noise pollution. The laird raised his silver topped cane and knocked on the door three times.


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