The two meanings of a wave

Bursting through the door, I found myself outside in the cold afternoon rain.  Quickly seeking shelter in a nearby nightclub doorway, I started to cry.  The neon pink feathers that surrounded me did not stop the tears.  My body wracked with pain, I ended up crouched down in the corner, trying to shut out the world.

What a world.

They advertised in the glossy magazines that I would never normally be seen reading (but yet I read avidly).

“We can show you the future.  Your future”

Then there was the usual advertising blurb.

“Using techniques first developed by the ancient Aztecs, our facility can provide you with access to your future. You can see what is ahead of you, in full High Definition visuals.”

“We at the SunshineHurtz corporation, understand that sometimes knowing too much of what is ahead for you can be dangerous.  We have worked with top scientists from the world over and have developed a solution.  The information will automatically be removed from your memory ten minutes after the experience. However through vestigial traces, Your mind will be better prepared to cope with what the future can bring.”

It sounded tempting and after reading testimonials of satisfied customers, I saved up the money to give it a go.

The business premises were like many others on this street.  All smoked glass and unoffensive colours.  Inside was cool and serene.  I handed over my card, only to be told that they had taken the payment via contact-less technology, the moment I had stepped through the doors.  One less thing to worry about I guess.

I was shown to a room that was dimly lit and contained just one extremely comfortable reclined chair.  Sitting down I was told to look at the light that snaked down from the ceiling.

Suddenly I was standing in a cocktail skirt in what looked like a suburban hell.  There was a man beside me, clad in an ill-fitting suit that made him look several years older than he was.  I did not know who he was.  We were in a house that had almost no character, everything about it screamed…..

What did it scream?

That was not the worst thing though.  Through a nearby window I could see a woman waiting outside.  She was waiting for this man.  This stranger that I was emotionally bonded to.

He was leaving me for her.  My heart was breaking.  I felt betrayed and……..

What did I feel?

His hands were on mine, his voice soft and breaking.  He loved me but…

I remember shaking his hands off of me

Then there was deep red lights everywhere.  Catching a glimpse of my reflection in a mirrored car, I could see that my makeup was a mess.

Why was it a mess?  Why do I feel broken?  How could I be so upset over…..

What had upset me?

Then I was up and off the recliner and straight through the fire door.

As the rain continued to pour down, I managed to pull myself together a little bit.  Staring at the half opened door, I could not believe that they could get away with….

I mean I cant believe that they are allowed…

Why would anyone willingly….



Why am I outside in the rain?


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