40 wheels on tarmac

The only sound that you would have heard was from our skates.  The city was never this quiet, even at this time of night.  The neon signs still shone their mystical sigils out into the world, each one specifically crafted by someone who knows the power that words and shapes contain.  Only our morrisso- visors, constantly scrambling the signals that they threw at us, were powerful enough to protect us from corruption.  Ear phones pumping mood music from the Granite City Disc Jockey straight into our brains at a volume that would cancel out the ultrasonic vibrations that they wanted you to hear.  Our world had become a shrine to the power of consumerism. Spend money you don’t have on things you don’t need to keep up with people you don’t like.  That was the message that kept the population docile.

Tonight it would come to an end.

We skated in a loose V formation, it seemed to be the most effective to enable us to keep the kinetic power we generated within the group.  We were going to need it.  The streets were too quiet, they knew we were coming.

Part of our training involved using an adapted form of sign language to communicate quickly and effectively.  In battle there is not always time to tell the others of a change in plan and our word-fu was a way to make the most of that little time.

Look I did not make the names up.

Red led us in a wide arc off of Union Street and onto Union Terrace.  The concrete island that had once been a park, stood as a glowing industrial beacon for all that was wrong with this world.  Globally teams from our sister organisations were doing the exact same thing as us.  A mass attack on the evil housed within the sigils was our only chance.

That was when I saw the enemy for the first time since basic training.  Standing like drones, silver rifles pointing out at the road ahead.  Our Futur-suits were bulletproof, we had been reassured, yet I had never had the opportunity to put them to the test.

Until now.

A wave of despair hit us from an aimed mediawagon and I saw Gold lose his balance momentarily.  I skated past him and grabbed his arm.  We could not let the formation fold.  not now.

The air was then full of a strange humming sound that cut through my headphones.  The air was full of bullets and I took a hit to the stomach that led to me letting go of Gold and falling to the road, skidding along under the hail of fire.

The futur-suit held and I thanked the makers for their diligence.   Still our formation was broken and the kinetic energy was free.  Hoping that it at least hit the enemy slightly, I got back on my skates and tried to catch up.

Rounding a road block I saw Blue ahead of me, engaged in hand to hand combat with at least three enemy soldiers.  Their blank metal masks were reflecting the neon from the city as they swarmed him.  Passing a pile of downed soldiers, I smiled as I saw their broken masks had let the despair fully in.  Between the two of us, there was soon three more added to that list.

We could do this, I thought.

Together we pressed onwards, trying to find the rest of the team.  In front of us stood the massed ranks of the enemy, flanked on both sides by despair cannons.

I fist bumped someone for the first time in my entire life and immediately felt stupid for doing so.

The fight had only just begun.


I have no idea what this is or what I wanted to say, it just formed in my brain and wanted to come out.