History told by black discs

I stumbled out of the pod, blinking in the harsh artificial light.  The room I found myself in was fitted out with a chair and a computer.  My brain was still processing what had happened at that time.  I did not feel completely confused but I could not remember why I found myself here.

It was a very long time ago and I eventually pieced everything back together.  Looking back, it seems strange that it took so long.

“Please take a seat” a disembodied synthetic voice spoke from hidden speakers.  I complied without really questioning why, almost as if this had been imprinted in me.

The seat seemed to mould itself to my body shape and I felt warm and comfortable.  It was around this point that I noticed what I was wearing.  A pale coloured jumpsuit that fitted almost like a second skin.  The number eighty eight was on the right forearm sleeve.

A panel slid upwards on my left hand side, an almost inaudible hiss signalled a drawer sliding forward, its contents laid bare for me to see.  Rows and rows of black discs stood upright and still.  Waiting.

“Number 88 you are now going to hear the history of your world.  Please make yourself comfortable.”

A movement caught my eye and I focused on a small block appearing beside the most left hand black disc.  The disc started to spin as a red laser fired from it.

I was lost for the next few hours, possibly days, I really could not give you an accurate description of the passage of time at that point.  Many years later I realised that I had what could be called a Religious Experience back then.  Stories of love, hate.  Pain and Loss.  Inspiration, defiance and joy.  The words surrounded me, informing my consciousness.

When it was over, I passed into a deep dream filled sleep.  I could feel myself falling backwards through time.  Not once did I feel afraid.


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