The moment has been prepared for

“It’s Time.”

I turned from the screen and looked at the speaker.  A man, much like myself, but far more mysterious looking. He was stood in the shadows but I could still see the white light that flared off of his body.

Looking back to my screen, I realise that I will never finish this.  Halfheartedly I ask for more time but I know that will not happen.

There was so much I wanted to do.  So many places I wanted to go.  Yet time, for all its man made construction, just ran out for me.

Smiling, I look at the text on the screen and the unfinished sentence that will be my last act.  My finger hovers over the full stop key.

“You have to go,” he speaks again, “You have to join the others.”

Sighing, I remove my hand from the keyboard and stand up.  Let what is on screen be my legacy.  The man approaches me and surrounds me in his brilliant White light.

As my consciousness merges with the others, I can already hear the clicking of the keys as someone else starts to type.  All is as it should be.

It feels warm.

It feels like home.



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