Dream of me

She had been staring at me for just long enough for it to have become uncomfortable.  I had tried to ignore her at first but every time I glanced, she was there.  Her eyes shining in the sunlight streaming into the train carriage.   Eventually she smiled and instinctively I smiled back.  This seemed to be a sign and she moved further up the cramped carriage, towards me.

“I dreamt of you last night”.

Where do you go with that opening line?  I smiled again and quickly looked out the window.  The reflections showed her moving away, so I turned back.

The reflections lied.

“I know it sounds weird.  Yet I dreamt of you last night and I have no idea why?”

“Well that’s dreams for you”.  She smiled and we stood in silence for a while, however the business of the train meant that she was way too close to me while we tried to ignore each other.

“We knew each other,” she whispered, not looking at me, “In the dream I mean.”

I thought about moving further down the carriage towards the doors but before I could, she had moved away.  Breathing a sigh of relief, I waited out the rest of the journey.

Later that day, whilst at work, I reached into my pocket for change and found a small slip of paper.  Written in lipstick was the words

“Dream of me”

To be honest, I have had stranger mornings.

That night, when sleep eventually started to claim me, I found myself thinking of her.  I could not remember her hair style or colour.  Not what she was wearing, nor what her face looked like.  Her eyes though, there was no way I could have forgotten them.  Burned into my memory, still shining in the daylight.

In that nights dream, I found myself standing at the mouth to a cave.  I could not recognise where I was, only that there was a lot of shadows outside.  On the horizon I could see a bright white light creeping closer.  This filled me with terror.  I could hear people behind me, inside the cave.  There was a sense of pain and fear in the air.  We were all scared by the coming light.  A great crackling fire lit the interior of the cave and I could see men in suits standing around it.  Their discussions were animated according to their movement but their words were lost in the general noise.

A voice at my side whispered.

“At least we tried.”

I tried to see who it was but the light was almost upon us.  I could only make out the eyes.  Bright and shining in the coming light but full of resignation.  Tears were forming and slowly dripping down the face.  I smiled at the person and looked back at the oncoming brightness.  It was as if there was nothing behind the light.  It was not sunlight, more an encroaching wall that seemed to bleach out anything it passed.  All I could see was white.

Reaching for the persons hand, I gripped it tight.  It was warm and soft and some of my fear dissipated just with that human contact.

When I spoke, my voice did not waver.

“Don’t cry.  We will remember.  Just say goodbye”

Then the light hit us.



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