Trampled underfoot by the right on the rise

Seems appropriate



Dear Gods of music

I kneel and place my hands together
“Dear Gods of music.
I’ve had a bad day
I need some music to soothe my tattered soul
However I need something specific
You see I love the Manics
Yet there is something uplifting about J-Pop
Any chance that the two could be combined in some way?”

I wait.

A deep booming voice finally replies
“Here you go. Enjoy”

Comics, the “So” album and me

This is, without doubt, my favourite song of all time.

Like many others back in the late 80’s, I had bought Peter Gabriel’s “SO” Album for the incredibly catchy “Sledgehammer”.  The video had plasticine stop motion and was quite unlike anything else I had ever seen.  When I got home, I placed the vinyl carefully on my little record player, set the correct RPM and lowered the stylus onto the starting grooves.

The above song is the first thing on that album and as the opening played through my tinny speakers, I was sitting reading the lyrics on the sleeve.  There was something about the whole musical atmosphere that the song had created that captivated me.  Not long before I had picked up a whole heap of old 2000Ad comics at a bring and buy sale.  Having not read it in years, I had devoured the stories that were contained within.  For those that know these things (and are interested) most of the issues were from the apocalypse war storyline of Dredd.  A pretty good place to start and it gave me a love of Dredd that continues to this day (and contributed to my arguing with an Ex about the merits of the Stallone Dredd film….it has none if you were wondering!!).

Also in that stack of issues I had got (20 comics for 5p) were various parts of the Rogue Trooper strip.  I was struck by how harrowing some of these stories were.  The chem clouds that had devastated Nu Earth and the pointless war that the Norts and the Southers were fighting.  It was whilst reading these stories that something happened.  I had been playing both sides of “SO” on almost constant repeat for days and as “Red Rain” started, it somehow became entangled in my mind as relating to Rogue Trooper.  I would change the words in my head as it played

“Chem rain is coming down, all over me”.

Well it is the sort of thing that teenagers do, so I make no apologies.

Even today, when that song is playing, there is that part of me that will forever be a teenager that is smiling, changing the words and thinking himself clever and remembering how good Rogue Trooper was.

As for Dredd and the Apocalypse War, well that became entangled with “Don’t give up” on the same album and still brings back memories of that story.  That is how powerful music can be.

So why is it my favourite song ever?  To be honest I cannot give a definitive answer.  There are other songs that are close to taking that title, like this one , this one and this one but they are all relating to specific moments in my life.  There is just something about Red Rain that gets me every time.  That is all I have.

To be honest, that is all that is needed.

I am the one who always…..

….gets into stuff way after everyone else.

The Eden House – Neversea

Just started listening to this band after I clicked on a link that the rather lovely Carmilla Voiez had posted – she is also responsible for me discovering VNV Nation (This track in particular).

This is the track that grabbed me the hardest.  The combined sounds and vocals swarm together like an angry, forgotten air god.  Washing over you and wrapping you up in the atmosphere.  It is like the 80’s Goth scene returned from the wilderness exile that the 90’s and 00’s had created.

Haunting and beautiful.

It is Wednesday, go on treat yourself to a listen

Rest and relaxation for the mind, body and soul

I have been a fan of Matt Berry since Garth Marenghis Dark Place and he has a fine singing voice as this song from that show proves.

Indeed, the recurring song from Snuff Box is also one of my guilty pleasures.  It sticks in your mind and refuses to leave.

Recently I decided to buy one of his albums.  Kill The Wolf if you are interested.

It is a smooth blend of folksy jazz and has been on repeat for most of today.

The track Solstice though….WOW

It is just over nine minutes long and just wraps you in a cloak of warmth and peace.  The opening lyrics are repeated, almost like a mantra.  Then around 3+ minutes in, the song goes instrumental and this is where I fell in love with the track.

At times it reminded me of parts of the War Of The Worlds Jeff Wayne soundtrack (but doesn’t sound anything like it).

Then all too soon, the singing starts, almost ethereal now.  Sadly the end is near and all I want it to do is play again

and again

and again


So I have to share it with you.

Find a dark and quiet place, turn the volume up loud, put headphones on and press play.

Let this wash away any stress you may have and replace it with genuine uplifting wonderfulness.

Have a good Weekend World

A Recurring Nightmare

I have been having this nightmare for several weeks now and with some crap boy-band losing a member so he can go make crap rap records, it seems so much more real now.

There will come a time when a talentless boy-band will cover this song…or indeed any other Manics songs (There will be a clause somewhere hidden in legal jargon I bet you).  You know the boy-bands I am talking about (Ones like Brother Beyond, Take That and the other one where all the members are called Dave)

If you do not think this is likely, may I point you to the awful cover of “Under the Bridge” by that girl band (Eternal?  Possibly not.  There was twins.)

This will mark the beginning of the end of times.

Don’t let the Boy – bands win

Your sun’s coming out

Kate Bush – Cloudbusting – Official Music Video:

It’s been too long since I posted this. Beautiful song and interesting video. The song is allegedly based on a true story and that picks at the conspiracy nut in me.
There’s a story in there, I wonder if I can dig it out?
Good morning world