What have I done to deserve this?

Dear reader you find me crouched in the corner of a nightclub.  Music is passing over my head and I am trying to stay out of the firing line.

The world that was destroying language was worse than I imagined.  I tried to save what I could but ultimately I failed.  The agent was not to blame for the fall of this reality.

In my hand I held a package that had just been delivered to me.  The postman was most insistent that it was for me, even though technically I do not exist in this reality.  At least not in the form I currently inhabit.  I signed my name and then looked at his blank expression.

He made me sign my real name.  I was not happy, let me tell you.

So here I am, in a reality that has been lost.  Sending out a blog post to a reality that probably cannot hear or receive these signals I am sending.

Oh if you were here, you would laugh.  They are playing a modern remix of Lawnchairs are everywhere…it is almost more than I can cope with.


Will report back later



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(also my first WordPress blog post – *waves*)