So I watched Gotham and…..

It was ok. Not great and not awful but somewhere in between (Derek Smalls position in Spinal Tap I suppose).

There was lots I did not like though, lots and lots and lots.
But let us concentrate on what I did like. Beware there be spoilers ahead

– Sean Pertwee as Alfred – Best lines, best acting and best potential for a spin off series…ok maybe not the last one.
– Montoya and Allen being onscreen, albeit not for long. Plus not sure what Montoya and Gordons wife/girlfriend scene was about. They were obviously hinted as being ex lovers but I don’t think it was made clear enough.
– Bullock looked like he should do. Acted a bit too corrupt for my liking but overall it was good to see Harv.
– The penguin. Looked the part and acted almost as I would imagine he would have. Interesting twist at the end.
– Bruce himself was well cast. Liked the kid in Touch/Touched and here I can believe he is young Bruce. Still I hope he is not in the show very often. Gotham needs to be about the people of the city and not just one person.
– The scene with Falcone and Gordon was really well written. Did not see enough of Falcone to make a proper judgement on the casting. Gordon was ok. Not brilliant acting and I wish he had a tache.

That was really all I liked.

Stuff I didn’t
– Fish Mooney was ok but there must be hundreds of characters from the comics that could have been used instead.
– The Ivy character was awful and smacked of some excitable writer thinking that it was a “cool thing”. It wasn’t.
– Either was Nigma…..oh god no. Please no more of him.
– The stand up comic who may be the Joker was awful too. The joke telling was ok but the whole standing watching as Mooney accused and then attacked Cobblepot was amatuer hour and totally unecessary.
– Selina….I can see TV execs right now going “Lets have a love interest for Bruce”. I would like to say to those execs
That is all.
– Finally…Gordon and Wayne. The chats were kinda nice except for the whole “I am saying words for no reason. The writers think it is because I am subconsciously making you Batman. however what is actually happening is that I am just saying words and you are reacting”
I have a horrible feeling that this will be a weekly occurrence.
Gordon – “Dont worry Bruce, I have read that the Thorgal ritual is exactly what a person needs when they have suffered a bereavement. Just like I did”
Wayne – “Have you met my new friend Richard Grayson. He is an acrobat…oh he’s been captured….can you save him Mister…please?”
Gordon – “Sure Bruce…now let us go to Zur En ArrH avenue where we will work as a team and rescue your friend Jason.”
Wayne – “Richard. His name is Richard.”
Gordon – “Yeah I know….I’m just throwing out an easter egg to the fans.”
Wayne – “It’s October!”
Gordon – “Lets go get Tim.”
and so on and so on etc etc etc.

Little errors that annoyed me.
– Why was the milk almost empty when Selina was feeding the cat, when she had just taken it from a bag of shopping.
– Why would Marthas pearl necklace break when she unclasped it and handed it over?
That bit really annoyed me. The pearls falling is such a powerful image but having it there, without a reason why it happens, was just lazy.

Overall I will watch the next episode. Still not sure where all the Buzz is coming from for this show. Maybe next week will clear that up for me.


Sadly in todays internet age, this could never happen

Imagine that the above clip was the first time you knew who the next Doctor was going to be. You knew Matt Smith would regenerate into someone in the xmas special but you didn’t know who.
Can you imagine your excitement when the Time Lords mention the thirteenth Doctor and there he is. A flash of eyes and a Scottish accent….
I can dream

“Use the magic plant!!” – Arrow series one thoughts

So the amazing CazChaos and I finished the first series of Arrow the other night (I do not like the phrase “season” when referring to a TV show – they are series in my mind).  Spoilers abound – you have been warned.

My thoughts on it all are suprisingly positive.  I really did fear that they would “smallville” the whole Green Arrow character and turn it into a teen mope-fest, although the Green Arrow in Smallville was one of the bits I actually liked.  23 episodes of Olivers journey back from the island and becoming Starling city’s hero.  Most episodes were good, some very good and only one was awful – Firefly/bug episode 10 if you are interested.

Lots of comic references put into the show in an non-obtrusive way.  Ferris aircraft, Markov,Diggle, Bludhaven, Count Vertigo, Huntress, Slade Wilson, Shado, Black Canary and even Roy Harper are some of the ones that stood out for me.  At no point did the programme go into full comic mode (which to be honest In would have liked) but it stayed realistic in the same way that Batman Begins did.  That idea that if these people did exist in our world, this is how it would be.

The main cast were really good and the guy playing Ollie was even better than the smallville version.  Sexy IT girl was a personal favourite too.

The ending of the series was pretty well handled too.  Malcolm Merlyn chewing scenery in the last two episodes with relish.  Tommy being wrong and then right about him.  Detective Lance understanding the Hoods reasons (albeit in a turnaround that happened so fast it made almost no sense).  The final battle between the Merlyn and Green Arrow was really well handled too, although I would have liked some explanation of how Merlyn became such a good fighter.  Nanda Parbat perhaps?

Roy Harpers turn from petty criminal to vigalante wannabe was handled better than I expected.  Yes it still made little sense but it was not forced too much either.

Then the very end….Tommy dying and I am saying to the TV the title of this post.  C’mon Ollie if I can remember about them, then surely you could too.  A stake through the body would be childs play to a magic plant that can cure pretty much anything.

I may be joking.

So series 2 has started in the States and is on some satellite channel over here.  It will be about a year before it is released on DVD for me to actually see.  From what I have read, they are going in the right direction.  Black Canary (and please call her that and not female vigilante or something) will be in it and it is not who I thought it would be.  Roy will eventually be Speedy/Red Arrow (as long as he doesnt choose Arsenal….worst superhero name ever….ok not the worst but damn close!).

Plus John Barrowman…you cannot keep a Scotsman down….he has to be back


Arrow – 10 episodes in

This is really enjoyable. It really is. The island flashbacks seem to have purpose and the story is coming together really well. It may not be my ideal version of Oliver Queen but its bloody close.
Of course what has made me enjoy it slightly more is the small bits that involve John Barrowman….oh god I love this man….also finding out who he is in the TV show (no spoilers here)….just made me squee…!
I’m 41!!
Why do I have such a man crush on Barrowman?? Well that will have to be another post.

My Thoughts on ARROW the TV show

So after not being able to see this show when it was broadcast due to not having satellite TV, I decided to buy the DVD when it came out.  £20 for 22 episodes seemed like a fair trade off if it was awful.

Is it?

No.  It’s actually pretty entertaining.  I am only 2 episodes in so please, no spoilers.

However I want to discuss these episodes, so there are spoilers for them.

Still here?

Ok here we go.

It is not Green Arrow, not the version that I like and think of.  It is also not Smallville GA, which is something that the promo adverts seemed to suggest.  For this I am extremely glad.  Neither is it Nu52 Green Arrow and I cannot tell you how happy that makes me.  It is definitely it’s own thing and from what I have seen in these 2 episodes, I look forward to the journey.

(Warning, the below is typed the way I was thinking whilst watching the show, so if it seems all over the place…..hello….I do not believe we have met!)

Green Arrow to me is Ollie Queen, blonde hair, domino mask and blonde goatee.  The one that says “Pretty Bird” to Black Canary when they part in Final Crisis.  The one who shouts “Heads Up” when his special move is pulled off in Injustice the video game.  That is what I think the character is.  Batman but with a bow.  Cockier and less dark but committed and fun.

The TV show seems to be keeping most of what I like about the character.  From the opening scene where Ollie is rescued (explosive arrows for the win!) and the glimpse of Death-Strokes mask, it started well.  Then he is back in society and you get your first look at the man.  Hmm, too young for my liking but I will let that pass for now.  Scars all over his body like the Batman Black and White book had a picture of.  He is back with his family, he has a mother and sister – hmm a bit too far from the comic for my liking – then he calls his sister speedy – I forgive the writers (see I am easily pleased!).

His mate is called Merlyn….Flipping hell…I hope that is not the Comics Merlyn.  Then he is kidnapped and Green Arrow makes his appearance.  Merlyn sees this happen…OK, maybe this is the way they will play it.  We see Laurel Lance and I wonder why they have given her Black Canarys mothers name (this is redeemed later and I remember what her full name is!).  The police commissioner is Laurels father and blames Ollie for the death of his daughter – cue flashback.  The flashbacks are really well done.  There are hints of why Ollie is so determined to clean up the city.  I assume they will explain the Death-Stroke mask too in time.  Then John Diggle is introduced as possibly the worst bodyguard in history.  The name makes me smile.  Ollie then does an A-Team and from almost nowhere, sets up an Arrow cave to rival Batman from almost nothing.  I dont mind the suspension of belief at times, so will let this pass.  The fact that he sets it up in an abandonded Queen Industries factory that is in a bad neighbourhood, does make me wonder why there were no squatters….no matter.  Ollie starts his quest against the bad guys whose names are in a notebook.  I am happy to see that he is wearing a domino mask but saddened that it is a make up created one.  I hear the name Richard Dragon (for some reason pronounced Dray-gon) and try to remember what he is in the DC universe.  The Ollie beats him down, eventually and I think it is a wee bit of a waste of a potentially great character.

Bam, Bang, Zip and the episode ends with a twist that I did not see coming regarding his Mother.  Excited I move to episode 2.  It starts well, the playboy Ollie is coming to the fore…I just wish he had grown his goatee a bit more.  More flashbacks to flesh out the back story.  A final fight with what I assume is Lady Shiva and a confrontation with the Police rounds out the episode.  Then a flashback and Ollie is shot by a hooded man….Ok….that was unexpected (although it does explain one of the scars on his body.

So far, it has done everything right.  It has not smallvilled the Green Arrow character by making him a teen soap opera (although I am aware that this may change as the series progresses).

I would still have preferred the Supermax idea floated a while ago but this will do.  It has also made me glad that they did not make the Grayson tv show years ago….Some characters just do not belong on TV.

“Garth has made people who hate reading, read”

Today I want to share with you one of the extras from Garth Merenghis  Dark place.
One day I hope to be as good a writer as Garth.
I want to be the master of the slight chill

Today, do yourself a favour and watch Darkplace. It will be worth it.
Oh and for those of you out with Scotland…..the episode “Scotch Mist” we are exactly like that!!!