For those about to sleep alone

This songs for you.
I’ve always had a thing for Sophie B Hawkins. From the sweet voice, to the tousled hair, I think she’s beautiful.
So tonight, as you slip between the covers alone, think of this. There is someone out there thinking the lyrics of this song about you. Yes you! It may take a while for you to find them but you will. It may last forever, it may not but when you meet them, grab and absorb every moment you have together. 
Now close those pretty eyes and dream of happy things.
I’ll keep searching.
Goodnight sweet darklings. X


Answers to questions

So yesterday I invited you all to ask me anything.

It was not a success!!

However i present the three questions I received and the answers I gave.

1 – Who let the dogs out? Ah that would be me.

2 – Who was that masked man? That would be Frank Costanzas Lawyer

3 – Lobster or Crabs? I reckon Crabs, if mutated, would pose a bigger threat to humanity than mutated Lobsters.  Please see the works of Guy N Smith for further proof.

That is them all.  Thank you to those who did participate.

So the weekend approaches and I am currently thinking that I will paint my nails and re-watch the three Lord of the Rings films.  I recently started playing Lego Lord of the Rings and it has made me all sentimental for them.  I know though that I will feel sorry for Borimir – I always do!

So in closing I would just like to say if you want to follow me on Twitter I am @Lairdofdarkness

Have a great weekend kids and stay outta trouble!




I could have written all your lines

Last night I did it.

Oh yes I did!

No, not that!!  Last night i created a magical Sigil, gave it life and sent it out into the universe to see if it happens.

So if you fine yourself strangely attracted to me, or want to give me money, well don’t say that magic doesn’t work!

Ok Serious for a wee while.  Magical sigils fascinate me.  The idea that a design created out of a phrase can influence the world around you sounds ridiculous.  I certainly thought so along time ago, however I try to keep an open mind to as much as I can.  So I tried it.

Many, Many years ago, there was a situation where two people I knew were not talking to each other and I was stuck in the middle.  this was getting worse and affecting my health as I tried to balance things out between them.  So after watching this Grant Morrison video, I decided I had nothing to lose and created a sigil.  Within 2 weeks things were back to normal between them, despite the problem having been going on for months beforehand.

Now the cynical amongst you may say that was likely to happen anyway and you may be right.  Maybe I had no effect on the process.  Maybe I did.  To be honest i did not care then or now.  The main thing was they were back speaking and I was not being used as a football.

Recently I started thinking about Sigils again.  I had spoken to a friend about them and then it was suggested that I should just try them.  Now the main reason I had not in the years between the first time of trying and now, was because the only things I could think of asking for was the baser elements of life.  I felt guilty that if there was a power, then I should not be abusing it for my own personal enjoyment.  If there is no power, then I worried that i would focus on what I asked for and instead of this making me change so that it was more likely to happen, I would be consumed by it all.  Constantly wondering when or if it was going to happen.

I had made my peace with all of this a while back and last night I thought I would do a little experiment.  Nothing major and nothing that may not happen anyway (which could just make you think whats the point?) but something that made me feel good about doing.

Will it work?  Who knows?  If it does I may tell you about it (its not that exciting) and if it doesn’t, well I’m the only one who will know.

Stay Tuned Darkness fans

The 1% chance

Bear with me on this, It’s something that has been birlin (good Scottish word that) round in my head this evening.

So let us set the scene.  We are in a pub, the lights are low and the general volume around us is loud enough and also low enough to create some sort of audio cocoon around us.  I take a sip and as I settle the glass back on the table i start to talk.

What if there was something you wanted?  Something that has occupied your mind for a while and has refused to go away.  Now in your heart of hearts, you know that it is probably never going to happen.  In fact you have spent far too much of your time thinking about it happening.  Tying yourself up in knots, going over the various scenarios and their possible outcomes.  Trying to convince yourself that it may actually happen, one day. Yet that exact thought should be what keeps you going, keeps you striving to achieve the aim.  Not me.  It drives me up the wall, such is my nature.

Tonight though, I asked myself a question.  Are you ready to give up that idea?

My Answer?

Not yet!

It suprised the hell out of me.  You see when faced with the chance to just let this ridiculous notion go, I decided to fight it.

Me.  The guy who just wants an easy life and to fly under the radar.  I decided that the simple fact was that even though there was probably no chance of it ever happening, The key word that stuck out for me was “Probably”.

(Ok I admit it is a bit weird that I talk to myself but what they hell, I live alone)

So i thought about how much of a chance there was of it ever happening.  I came up with 1%.  Possibly too low, maybe too high.  It really does not matter.  What does matter is that despite there being a 99% chance of this thing never happening, I am now excited by the chance that there is a 1% chance that it will.


I’m not tying myself up in knots.  I am not thinking obsessivly about it.  I have just decided that it might and letting the cards fall where they may.

Is that crazy?

Or is it the sanest thing I have ever done in the past few weeks?


A few words of thanks

One of the things about WordPress I really like is the stats.  It is always suprising to me to see how many people read the words I write. Suprising and very heart warming.  You see, when I write, whatever it is, I am really just assuming that only a couple of people will read it.  It is that whole thing about writing for yourself versus writing for an audience.  I could do the latter but I do not think I would be giving it my all.

The fact that people in Britain and America read my blog is lovely.  However to see that there are also people who read it from Spain, Phillipines, Germany and Holland is amazing. 

So to you, dear reader, wherever you may be from, thank you.